Dani Hayes


I am a multimedia artist. I spent about one year learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting from private art tutors (art students at the University of North Texas). I expanded my knowledge and improved my skills via online artists from around the world. I continue to learn something new every time I create.

  • Style of Art

    I love to utilize a variety of styles, techniques, and mediums - such as acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolor paint, texture mediums, and resin. My family owns and runs a commercial cabinet shop which provides me with the opportunity to repurpose scrap wood and other materials in my art. Wildlife and landscapes are the subjects I focus on the most. I give extra attention to the eyes and faces of animals and people because they give off emotion, give mood to the piece, and tell a story.

  • Inspiration/Sharing Art

    I have always had a sincere passion for creating art and a deep love and respect for nature. I am always listening to music when I paint.  Certain songs give off the right energy that inspires the color palette, composition, and mood of the piece I am working on. I truly believe there is a deep connection between music and the visual arts.  They inspire each other. I am looking forward to where my skills lead me - festivals, galleries, instructing and inspiring others at art workshops, and commission work. I want to share my passion and love for art in various materials/media with everyone.

About Blue Moon Artistry

Formed on February 9, 2023 • Opened for business on September 1, 2023

Blue Moon Artistry is a small, women-owned and family-run art business. With our family's cabinet shop as our foundation, we have cultivated a love of and desire for creating exquisite works of art that are the direct result of what we value.

Through our workshops and events, we aim to foster a community where individuals can come together, unite, enjoy creating art, learn some new skills, and forge long-lasting positive memories.

Additionally, we aspire to showcase our own art and eventually provide a platform for other artists to showcase their creations.


    "Blue Moon Greg" is very supportive and loves to watch our family of artists thrive.

    • Father
    • Owner of Hayes Building Services, Inc. - A commercial cabinet shop in Denton, Texas, that has been doing referral-based business for over 27 years
    • Benefactor and team leader of Blue Moon Artistry

    Once or twice in a blue moon, Suzanne unleashes her inner artist and creates an amazing work of art.

    • Mother
    • CFO of Hayes Building Services, Inc.
    • Co-Owner, CEO, and CFO of Blue Moon Artistry

    When it comes to art, Dani shoots for the moon - boldly learning, improving, or creating something new every day.

    • Daughter
    • In charge of payroll at Hayes Building Services, Inc.
    • Co-Owner, artist, and craftsman at Blue Moon Artistry

    Mike takes great pleasure in turning wood into works of art.

    • Son
    • Shop supervisor at Hayes Building Services, Inc.
    • Lead craftsman at Blue Moon Artistry - Woodworks

    Steve is our go-to guy for all things tech.

    • Son
    • Lead craftsman of the Stone and Solid Surface Countertops Department at Hayes Building Services, Inc.
    • Craftsman at Blue Moon Artistry - Woodworks
    • Lead tech support at Blue Moon Artistry

Our Commitment

From day-to-day business tasks to solving the most challenging of problems that arise:

We produce good quality work (no cutting corners).

We do what we say we will do.

We are open and honest with each other, our business partners, and our customers.

We are fully committed to getting every job (paintings, woodwork, commissions, workshops, festivals, gallery exhibitions/shows, etc.) done right and on time.

At Blue Moon Artistry, our goal is to spread our love for art and encourage, inspire, and support others' love for art.